About Myself

I am a member of the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and NAPOWI (National Association of Professional Organizers Wisconsin).  One of the courses I really enjoyed was NAPO in the schools.  This is to teach children in the early grades how to keep their school work and other things organized so they have more control over their school and their home life.  I have done work with ADHD clients, chronic disorganization, clients with physical disabilities, moving/re-location, unpacking/move-in, children, students, seniors and much, much more.  I am blessed to have work that I truly love. 

I was brought up with a strong work ethic and to do all types of jobs.  My job now is to give to others what I have provided for my family and friends for years...time.  You will have time to do what you want to do not what you have to do.

People tend to be embarrassed when I go into their home.  But really, sometimes things just get away from you.  My main reason for doing what I do is because it is such a joy for me to see how the people react after everything is all done.  Their lives change so much and they feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.